Monday, November 17, 2008

Peru 2008

We've been back from Peru since Wednesday, and I've finally had the chance to post the blog entries for our trip to

Go here to read the entries and see our pictures:

If you are on facebook, you can also flip through the Peru albums (three of them) here where I've more carefully labeled all the photos:

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Good and the Bad

Good: Barack Obama has evidenced proof of the American Dream and shown that the practice of racial discrimination and oppression on a national/societal level is a closed chapter of American history.

Bad: He's as close to being a utopian socialist as we've had in a leader in a long time. And how will this play out internationally- will his presidency embolden terrorists who will perceive him as weak and scare the oppressed worldwide who are fearful that an Obama led America might not protect them anymore?

Good: We leave for Peru tomorrow! New adventures.

Bad: There are calls for a national strike this week that may prevent us from getting to Manchu Picchu once we are in Peru or prevent us from leaving the country when we are ready to come home.

Good: my mother is settling in better in Woodbridge and getting to know people.

Bad: She is rubbing in my face how the paid caregiver we hired is "practically a daughter" who "loves her and takes her places like a daughter should", directly implying that I'm deficient in not being able to take her everywhere because I work. Thanks mom. Thanks for never saying thank you for anything I've done and telling me how much more you love the caregiver.

Good: I went to sleep early last night to come into work early today and get stuff accomplished. Go me!

Bad: Screaming revelers at 2 in the morning drove down our street honking and screaming "YES WE CAN". Wasn't that the slogan for Bob the Builder Toy (Can we fix it? Yes we can!). Also, the power went out so this morning I had to dress in the dark and I was late to work b/c of a big accident on the beltway.