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Board Game Preview - Glen More II: Chronicles

My husband and I started collecting board games in a purposeful and well-researched fashion in 2014. There are plenty of fantastic games that came out before then that are missing from our collection either because we weren't present for the wave of new-game-itis and no one we follow talks about them, or because the games are out of print and so we can't easily purchase them even if they've been recommend to us. Glen More falls into the latter category. Many gamers have told us how awesome the game is, but it’s no longer sold through retailers. So we were especially excited when it was announced that Glen More II: Chronicles was going to debut on Kickstarter this year. We were invited by the publisher (Funtails) to sit down with their team in Germany and play this sequel to the first edition a few month ago. We gathered around a virtual table, through the wonder of Tabletopia, and played through a full game. In Glen More II: Chronicles (designed by Matthias Cramer), we are…

Board Game Review: Master of Wills

We picked up Master of Wills from Stormcrest Games a few months ago. It’s the publisher’s first offering and originally debuted in 2017. If you haven’t heard of the game, or its publisher, I’m not surprised. It seems to be a publishing house with only about 1500 followers on Twitter and Instagram combined. A small operation for sure, but you don’t have to be big to be good. And Master of Wills is good. It’s very good. Master of Wills features a cyberpunk theme and is set in the distant future where factions seek to manipulate the community to build public support. Players align themselves with a faction of their choice and do everything they can to pull the most powerful collection of community members to their side. Gameplay extends over eight rounds, with a turn for each player (or team if playing two against two) during the round. Each turn begins with a move phase wherein the active player selects one of the cards from the community zone of the board (the neutral section in the mi…