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January Happenings

The past two weeks have seen me in "catch-up" mode as I work feverishly to get back to a place where I'm caught up in most everything. I'm making slow but steady progress and part of that is catching up on my past due blog entries.     Here's the January recap:     -Dined at Inn at Little Washington This was the first restaurant my friends and I tackled on the Zagat Top 20 DC restaurants. It's a goal of ours to make our way through the entire list over the next 3 years. Perhaps under ordinary circumstances I would have been delighted with the Inn but after returning from Paris where I dined at Le Cinq, the Inn was *very* disappointing. More on par with any standard DC restaurant yet the same price per course as Le Cinq. Shameful really.     -Caught Pneumonia, went to the hospital then spent 2 weeks in bed (lost 15 pounds) I've blogged about that previously already…     -Got better, went to Quebec, Canada for the Winter Carnival I went with my friend Penny

Paris Blog is Complete (Finally)

Since I know you've all been waiting with clenched fists in deep anticipation I am happy to announce I finally finished my blog entries for our Paris 2008 trip, including a lot of pics and 3 videos from NYE's on the Champs Elysees including a link to the riot footage.     Blog is here: . Be good to me and actually read it eh? :)