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Jane Eyre

I recently read Jane Eyre and while I don’t have the time or motivation to write a full review let me just report that YOU NEED TO READ THIS NOVEL. It’s fantastic. It has a lot to say on Christianity and following the right path and trusting God. Trust me on this one. Unless you’re a man. This novel is really antique chicklit, so men may not find the romance and drama of the relationships intriguing.


Spring will pass in less than 25 days. The spring of my 35th year. The spring of my 15th wedding anniversary. The spring of my father’s death. Looking back over my entries I notice that they stopped soon after my father’s death and the only updates since have been more details on his death and a short note about a prior winter trip to Austria. On my father The first two months were very difficult. I was unable to make it longer than a couple of days without crying over my father’s death. This month there have been no tears but his death still hits me at unexpected moments. I’ll be in the car on the way to work and suddenly it occurs to me as if it were new information: my father is dead. Or I’ll be at the office in a meeting about to present and a voice inside reports with panic: my father is dead! I never know when it is going to bubble up and knock the wind out of me, but I’m learning how to deal with it. The guilt is fading (my mantra: I did my best to be a good daughter and w