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Notes on Stock Picking

Jenni's strategy on picking great stocks:     beta greater than 1 is risky (good for under 45 years old)     Look for growth stocks (if you're under 45)     eps=1.50 or higher     Small cap - 5% of portfolio or so. Look for $7/share or greater, 25% growth in sales and earnings, net profit margin >7%     Net income/shares=earnings per share (EPS)     Share price/Eps= Price equity ratio low Pe= good by (or could mean bad news is looming ahead) Stock screen: p/e less than 30         PE/EPS expected growth % 1 yr= PEG <1=good buy 1=1 fair >1=overpriced -use to evaluate growth stocks     PE/EPS expected growth 5 year=YPEG <1=good buy 1=1 fair >1=overpriced -use to evaluate regular stocks     REVENUE value: Price Sales Ratio = PSR (Shares outstanding * share price + debt)/revenues over past 4 quarters= PSR -the lower the psr the better     Shareholder equity/# shares outstanding = book value -the closer you can buy to or lower than book value, the better     Sh

On Selflessness

Everything is about me - about what I want or, when I'm "trying" to be selfless it's to please God or others so he (or they) will love me. Not often out of a sense of gratitude and love for God am I joyfully spurred to love those he loves but instead a deep insecurity that God does not love me because I'm not good enough and a never ending drive to gain his love and approval.     Have I ever *really* loved anyone selflessly, unconcerned with earning approval (by God or man) or filling the emptiness in my heart? Rarely. Only at chance moments with my husband, with my friends, with our dogs, and even with celebrity strangers that I pray for. Usually it comes about paired with pity or empathy when I sense one is victimized or hurting in some way and my heart yearns to comfort them and there seems to be no trace of selfishness in those moments.     How do I move past this now that I am aware? (And I am only aware of it this week due to a thoughtful question posed by

Myrtle Beach 2009

First weekend in June I took the Travel group to Myrtle Beach for a relaxing weekend. It was an empty itinerary to be populated as everyone saw fit- swimming, relaxing in the pool, etc. It went as planned except that we could never find the restaurants we wanted to (stupid GPS), a blind man literally smash-walked into our rental car on my side (he missed the crosswalk by about 5 feet), and my fellow attendee got the shock of learning her boss passed away suddenly while we were in MB as folks from the office called her to ask where he could be. We also learned that North Myrtle Beach is the shagging capital of the world (apparently it's a dance of some kind?!).     Definitely a weekend I will not forget.     Pics or it didn't happen:    

Rome, Italy 2009

As I mentioned previously, the weekend of May 15th, I took a mileage run to Rome and brought a friend along from the travel meetup ( ).     It was simply phenomenal. Not only a cultural journey but a spiritual one as well.     All the pics are here in these two albums and I suggest you open them up in a separate window to peruse while reading along:     All the videos are here (look for the 4 labeled Rome):         We set off for Rome on Friday evening, arriving in the city Sat morning. This gave us 2 full days (Sat and Sun) in the streets of Rome before heading back to the States Monday afternoon. I know many of you think it's crazy to spend just a weekend overseas but my philosophy is solid. I can go to bed Fri night in my own bed like

Seattle Pics

This just in: I found and uploaded the Seattle Trip pictures today.     They are here:        

May Roundup

I blink and it's July. Not exactly sure how that happened. I believe we left off in our tale of The Amazing Adventures of Jenni at April and the Hawaii trip. Seems so long ago now.     While I was in Hawaii my man of steel (Jonathan) and my sweet sister Suzie worked diligently alongside our friends Dani and Clayton to renovate our backyard, staining the deck and fence. This was all under the guise of making our outdoor area shine for the Today show taping. Ahh yes, did you know I was supposed to be on the today show? They were going to do a segment on the rise in popularity of supper clubs in the down economy and just when we had everything tentatively scheduled swine flu took over the headlines and out the window went the proposed fluff piece. I didn't even get my 15 minutes of fame. :( At least I got a nicely stained deck and fence though right?     The first weekend in May I actually stayed home (shocking!) and got my left arm looked at by a local doctor that Saturday. (Sun