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Switzerland Trip Report: Weekend of Joys and Horrors

I'll never forget our weekend in Switzerland (Labor Day wknd 2009). It was the weekend I learned how an online community can rally around one of their own in need, how the best laid plans can be yanked off course in an instant, and that it's best to avoid traveling alone. Oddly enough, I also discovered that my decidedly golden brown eyes can turn hazel after enough tears. The trip was the first one we'd taken using the Delta mistake fares that were published earlier in summer 2009. I had been told of the fare through friends on (the mileage running community I belong to online) and I in turn shared the opportunity with my fellow NoVA Travelers. Several members took advantage of the fares (as low as $299 round trip to Europe TOTAL), some heading to Switzerland the same weekend that Jonathan and I did and even on the same flight. We arrived into Zurich after an uneventful overnight plane ride and after processing through immigration we were on our way. We parte