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New Style

So I got a new haircut today:        

Will I Ever Heal ?

Just when I think I might be moving past some of my family hurts (I grew up in a pretty dysfunctional family) someone manages to let out a little more "truth" that devastates.     Last week on a visit to my parents apartment, my mother acknowledged to my older sister that yes, she knew my brother was abusing me when I was just a helpless 5 year old (having me stand next to the target while he shot at it with a 22 so I could report to him where it went in which lasted until I got hit with a ricocheting bullet once, slamming my fingers in the door, and all sorts of other crazy mean stuff that goes beyond standard big brother jerkyness). When Suzie asked her why she didn't do anything about a boy 10 years senior to her little girl tormenting her and do you know what my mother said? She said she didn't want to cause any trouble that would upset my father and cause him to leave her. (My brother doing the jerkyness was his son from first marriage.) So there you go - a lit

Dublin pictures are up…take a look

I'm a bit behind on my photo and blog documentaries of my latest trips, but I did manage to get the Dublin pictures posted finally. You can find them here:     Album 1 of 3:     Album 2 of 2:     I'd love to get your comments on them. (The blog post describing the Dublin trip is just below this one here on in case you missed it.)     Also, I've added the pictures from the Hotel de Glace (Ice Hotel) taken on the Weekend in Quebec that was documented in the post here on titled "January Happenings" (about 5 posts before this one). The Hotel de Glace pictures are here: