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London Trip Report

As detailed in my last post, I flew to London (LHR) on United Airlines on Friday after work.   Once I landed at LHR on Saturday morning (at 6am) I made my way directly to the arrivals lounge that I officially was not supposed to have access to. I talked my way in anyway and enjoyed a hot shower and breakfast and some time on my laptop before it was time to meet the rest of my NoVA Travelers for our transfer to the hotel.   The meeting time came and went and no members could be found so I used flight tracking data online to review the logs of their flight. I found that both members I was expected were on planes running at least 30 minutes late so I headed to the hotel by myself to wait for them.   Just my luck the tube routes were disrupted to track maintenance and the bus routes were disrupted due to a political march against violence. That left the train as the only viable option to get downtown. First lesson of travel- be prepared to stretch your budget. Tube tickets = somethin

United Airlines Business Class Review

I have a compulsive need to describe my adulterous experience in cheating on Delta with United. I was led to play the field away from Delta because of the strength of Delta's (and it's skyteam partners) business class product. "Wait…What?", you may ask. You see, on the few chances I've had to fly in business class on Delta or it's partners I have loved loved LOVED the luxury of the seats, the treatment by the crew, the business class lounge access, etc. Just fabulous. Delta, seeing the value in their business class product is very stingy with their upgrades. They do offer upgrade certificates to top tier elites such as myself, but you can only use them to upgrade from a full fare coach ticket. That's sort of like putting the luxury Italian sports cars on sale for only $90k; doesn't help much if you still can't afford it. United however is much more generous with their upgrade certificates- they are good on several discounted coach fares. Also

Child Abuse

I just saw the film Precious. You should too. Stories about child abuse reduce me to tears every time. This was one of the more horrific stories in terms of the level of abuse and degradation and it was hard to watch. It spoke to the hope and resiliency of the soul though and I like that. It also helps put my childhood in better perspective, encouraging me to be more resilient and just get over everything already. If someone can live through much worse abuse then I ever faced then I should be able to put my past in the past and thrive. It's a work in progress.