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Austria 2010

With all the drama in my life the first quarter of this year I neglected to post a link to my article on Austria. It’s my second (paid) published travel piece to add to my portfolio. I hope to build a solid portfolio and begin publishing in standard print magazines such as Budget Travel or Travel and Leisure. The link is here: A Three Day Excursion Into Austria

Daddy’s End of Life

As I posted previously my father died on March 5, 2011. He was 82 years old and he passed exactly six months before his 83rd birthday. This is the story of his death. On a Wednesday in late February my father alarmed the staff at Manassas Adult Daycare (run by the Manassas Baptist Church) when he suddenly appeared non-responsive to their questions. He was rushed to the ER but presented responsive by the time the doctors saw him. They considered releasing him but opted for the conservative approach of admitting him for testing. Inside I was secretly relieved- a hospital admission would lead to a direct transfer to a nursing home upon discharge for rehab and then Daddy could get the professional caregiving support he needed. Each day at home had been getting progressively more difficult. Dad complained more, demanded more and slipped in health a little more as we moved through winter. I was wounded so many times by his careless and biting remarks. He had one behavior that particula