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These are the words I spoke today at Daddy’s memorial service. My Uncle Lu then reflected on his memories of Daddy as well. Daddy was born an ordinary man. And like all men he wrestled with his sinful nature. But Daddy was also a believer and the promise for believers is clear: when this mortal life draws to a close our sinful natures are cast off and what remains is our godliness; our love. So I want to tell you a little about the godliness I met in Daddy and leave his sinful nature on the ground where its been shed as I find it totally irrelevant to his current conditions. As I mentioned, Daddy was a believer. I cannot remember a time before I knew of God; Daddy worked to instill knowledge of our father in heaven within me from the beginning. He and my mother raised me in the church. Angels and demons, the afterlife, and the nature of God were frequent discussion topics between us. Daddy’s belief brought hope to those around him. Daddy was a teacher. He spent hours with me tire