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A Long Overdue Update

Here’s what’s new with us… Things have been going well for both of us as far as our jobs are concerned. J is still with Learning Tree and very much enjoys it. He will soon be at the tenure level that will allow him additional vacation time each year. My annual employee review was recently and it went well. I think I am going to stick with my current company most likely at least through the end of our current contract (2.5 more years) if not longer, assuming they have additional work assignments for me once this contract is concluded. I’m working on obtaining my SAS Programming Certification which should be a benefit to the company and myself. Outside of my full-time job, I continue to take on small, part-time IT consulting projects through ParJen Consulting ( ). Outside of work, we enjoy our playtime. J is quite busy with the church softball league. There are numerous practices a week and the games begin Monday. I’m wrapped up in my various Meetup groups planning and at

Stranger Things Have Not Happened

The most strange thing happened to me today... I went to put in a call to a web design client in Cincinatti, OH (area code 513) and instead dialed 315. Probably because 315 is familiar to my mind as I grew up in NY in that area code. Anyhow, the person on the other end answers the phone and he sounds just like someone I grew up with. Apologized for the wrong number and tried my number again, getting the same guy. I realized after he told me I was dialing 315 what was going on but I was still stuck on the fact that he sounded just like someone I used to know. Turns out he IS someone I used to know. A close childhood friend. We started chatting a bit and caught up with each other. How strange is that? Small world. In other news, I've been meaning to post the pictures from my 32nd birthday party. The theme was "Ides of March" and everyone dressed in Roman costume. Here is my favorite picture- my best friend Anna and I standing at the ready.