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Considering an RPG: A Board Gamer’s Review of the Red Star Rising Campaign From GooeyCube

So there we were, my husband and I, perusing the aisles of the GenCon Exhibit Hall when suddenly this distinguished gentleman called out to us, inviting us over to his booth. He introduced himself as Alphinius Goo. He was animated and gregarious and he wanted to draw our interest to his pride and joy – the Red Star Rising   RPG campaign. Other gamers gathered around the GooeyCube booth as well, as Alphinius began to walk us through the world of Zyathé, where the campaign is set. As he explained the campaign and the materials that come packaged in the GooeyCube bundles (there’s so much stuff!), I started to feel that this was something my husband Chris and I could actually manage.  Up until then, the closest I’d come to playing an RPG was a year long campaign working through the Pathfinder Skull and Shackles Adventure Card Game   (which is often billed as the board game for RPG players). Role playing games always sounded interesting to me – I’ve several friends who are active RPG player