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President's Race

I do not like McCain. I do not like McCain. I do not like McCain.   I do not like Romney. I do not like Romney. I do not like Romney.   According to the presidental candidate selector at however, my results are shown below. Obviously I need to do more research on McCain to see if I can get over his angry-little-man personality and support him since apparently I do, in theory, agree with most of his positions. My big issues are foreign policy [do not give up on Iraq; support free trade], immigration [increase legal immigration;offer a guest worker program and amnesty, build a fence for security going forward], lower taxes, absolute opposition to universal health care, support of 2nd amendment gun rights, and in general a president who will discourage congress from getting involved in domestic issues they have no constitutional jurisdiction over [like marriage, divorce, funding for the arts, etc, etc]. 1. Theoretical Ideal Candidate (100%) 2. Alan Keyes (78%)

Burning down the house

What's new with you today? Here is what's new with me today: I almost burned down the house. :( I set some oil to cooking on the stove to deep fry some fryjacks- a new Belizian dish we learned while on vacation. I went upstairs to check email for a moment and forgot about the oil and fell asleep. The smoke detectors upstairs woke me up and I went downstairs thinking "Crud, I smell burning, I'll have to toss out the oil and start over" Imaging my shock and surprise when I entered the kitchen to find the oil on fire with flames up to the over-the-range microwave. The microwave was on fire as was the cabinetry. There was thick black smoke dancing across the ceiling [that actually looked pretty freaky and cool, like a river on the ceiling]. I freaked out and called 911 and they showed up about 4 minutes later [after the 911 operator told me to get out of the house immediately].  I grabbed the doggies and my laptop and went outside to wait for the firemen. It seemed l

Back from Belize

Hello. Did you miss me? In case you hadn’t noticed I was out of the country for the past 2 weeks. (Thanks to Jeanette for noticing!) As is my usual m.o., I’ve written all about our adventures and included plenty of pictures as well. I use – a popular travel community- to do my travel blogging. So you will need to follow this link to view the blog of our trip and see the pictures. You don’t have to sign up for anything and you can read all the entries without having to become a travbuddy member [although if you do become a travbuddy member, make sure to add me to your friends list]. At this point I’ve only filled in entries and pictures for the first 5 days, so you will need to bookmark the site and check back later this week to read entries for days 6 – 12. Tell me what you think. You can comment on the site, on my regular blog here, or send me email. Love to hear from you. Here is the link to my travbuddy travel blog:

Morocco 2009

I am so excited! I've picked out the tour company we are going to use for our Morocco Trip in 2009. Looks like an amazing itinerary...take a look: We hope to go May 2009.

Joke for Today

“Guy is riding down the highway when he hears a warning on the radio that some crazy is driving the wrong side of the highway. He thinks to himself: one guy? They’re all driving on the wrong side!”

Weekly Update

Still feeling great. Nothing like a bit of 74 degree weather to inspire joy in the midst of winter. Top down on the convertible, Bon Jovi on the XM Radio, life is good! I don't think it is possible for me to be any more in love with my job. I am now working 2 days a work from home every week - Mondays and Fridays. Which of course means I only have to go into the office 3 days a week Tues-Thurs. I love it! I am feeling so productive and I get so much more work done when I don't have to deal with the commute. Plus I'm home in time to make a delicious dinner for my husband and straighten up the house and I can spend my lunch time relaxing in my own house, eating a homemade lunch.  I also found out today at work that I have been named the new Requirements Manager in addition to my SAS Administrator and Systems Administrator roles. New responsibilities and challenges and that is good. WOW! I just saw a former coworker of mine - Andrea Tantaros- on the O'Reilly Factor. She

Feeling Great

It is a brand new year and I am feeling great! Productive, efficient, organized, energetic, joyful, enthusiastic, and spirit filled are all good words to describe my current state of mind. Perhaps it is the sense of opportunity that a new year brings. Perhaps it is the sense of peace carried over from my recent holiday vacation. Perhaps it is the new multi-vitamin kicking in. I'm not sure, but I am enjoying the burst of energy and joy. On a more somber note, a warning for those of you who wear the yellow "live strong" Lance Armstrong bracelets. It seems that in many states yellow coded wristbands applied by the EMTs/nurses in the ER mean "do not resuscitate" . That is, when the patient is admitted their records are checked and if there is a DNR order on file a yellow coded wristband is put on the patients arm. Apparently there have been a few near miss cases where doctor's have seen the Live Strong bracelets and assumed they were DNR orders. Major mistake!