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Keeping up with Livejournal Friends

I created an lj account for the purpose of befriending people I want to keep up with in terms of their friends-only journal entries as well as joining communities I'd like to continue reading such as Fatshionista and poor_skills. I will not be posting blog/journal entries to the lj account; look for those to remain here on this blog at as well as my goings on at facebook:

The new lj account is: If you'd like to add me, I'd appreciate it. :)


Anonymous said…
hi! I saw your post in NorthernVA community on LJ but didn't want to comment there. (my LJ is and I am a friend of Rho/ Pigirl-- which is why i felt I could comment here since you don't really use lj.)

I just found it really interesting that you said that you don't want anyone who accepts obesity as a healthy lifestyle. Now, pigging out and having a sedetary lifestyle is not healthy by any means but there are a lot of overweight, obese, and self-describes "fatties" who have active lifestyles and can't "kick" obesity or don't want to adhere to a master narrative/hegemony when it comes to "beauty" as well as a lot of thin folks who have very sedetary lifestyles and eat junk food. I figured you knew as much, but I actually think it would be pretty cool to have a trainer who actually did believe in HAES (Healthy at every size). I'm just doing my thesis on the fat acceptance movement and found your post and wording interesting. I know everyone has a different opinion, but I thought that if you have a group of friends who are all considered (by societies standards) overweight/fattie it could be really empowering to look up some of the blogs and etc that are out there. I.E. rather than feeling guilt and shame over size, start accepting who you are for what you are. Sure get healthy and all that jazz, but you seem from your posts here a very happy, go lucky person and I hope that perhaps I could offer a little insight into another way of looking a health.

That being said, by the fat acceptance movement I am considered "thin" and I love working out, running, and walking as well as cooking healthier options and not eating crap. (Because after reading Omnivore's Dilemma I was even turned off Organic foods...)I just believe no one should be discriminated against and that we need to change our stereotypes surrounding obesity.

I can see from your posts and info that we may not agree politically but I do enjoy a very diverse group of friends and etc, because I like listening to every view point as it can help me understand other perspectives and keep a level head. So if you wanna read my lj you are more than welcomed to friend me and I would love to hear your thoughts.


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