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Meet my New Friend Pneumonia

So you may have noticed that last week I never finished blogging about Paris over on and if you've sent me emails or called me you've gotten no response.

In my defense: pneumonia. double pneumonia even.

I'm way too tired to type this out all over again so im just going to copy and paste my IM conversation with my coworker today.

maria: how are you feeling?
me: hi maria. i am able to get out of bed so that is good. today i am trying 30+ minute stints sitting up
maria: wow.
do you have good drugs? or is it viral pneumonia?
me: its been so wierd. ive never been so sick ever.
so basically
maria: pneumonia will slam you.
me: i felt like i had bronchitis last week so i went to my dr who said yeah looks like it and thew some amoxicillian my way and cough suppres and inhaler and told me to rest for like 3 days at home
but fri i felt like a truck hit me. i couldnt breathe i couldnt stand up really and my fever was 103.5 all day
so i got scared and called the dr and she said oh no go to er immediately
maria: I figured since they sent you to the ER it was pneumonia.
(I have kids... been there.)
me: yeah so they diagnosed me immediately with pneumonia in both lungs -i had all 4 of the classic signs- the crackling, the shortness of breathe the fever and the spots on the xray (spots look cool)
they gave me iv which was good cause i hadnt eaten all day, anti-nausea in the iv, oxygen
and antibiotics
they watched me for a few hours to see if they could stabalize temp- and they could keep it at 102 or less with tylenol- so they said they dont admit adults anymore who have a spouse and stable vital signs id get better at home instead of in the hospital
i guess thats good?
(not for jon though. he was miserable having to take care of me.)
fri eve i seemed stable to me. not worse not better.
by mid sat i felt worse. like i could breathe a little better, like the antibiotics were working, but my body was so tired. i could barely lift my chest to cough it was just too much. and without the anti-nausea meds i couldnt keep anything down
i didnt eat any food, nothing, from friday until last night.
just water
maria: it will take you a very long time to get completely well.
weakness and lots of coughing for quite a while.
me: sat night we almost went back to the er b/c i went back up to 104 and had a wierd side effect today i feel like i can breathe better
so im following my recovery steps
when you can breathe better, supposed to sit up more, take short walks out of bed.
my fever is down. i am only coughing every 15 minutes unless i talk
maria: any ideas why you got this?
me: i tackled going downstairs to get a bowl of cereal and i did ok going down but coming up was bad.
no- i find out the blood results
which bacteria caused this- tomorrow when i got for 2nd chest xray
to followup
they just knew it was bacterial b/c that presents differently than viral
maria: ...this is awful... but with all your plane travel I kept thinking SARS.
me: but i dont know which till i see results
lol i dunno about SARS. i thought TB personally.
maria: ah!
me: TB pnemonia is a possibility. but i dunno because TB is supposed to be much harder to get better
so anyway i ate a bowl of cereal today. miracle diet - lose 10 pounds in 3 days-with pnuemonia!
maria: I don't recommend the pneumonia diet.
me: so i am sad b/c i got online b/c you know i am inquisitive. and i googled pnuemonia recovery and it says the same thing the doctor does
it could be a month before im up and normal and driving everywhere and being me
maria: yup.
me: well at least my job is mostly mental labor. seems i can do more and more of that each day hopefully starting tomorrow after dr clears me
maria: no reason to leave your house for work.
me: i just dunno when i can go back to the office. it says to wear a mask outside in cold air. sounds stupid. something about risk of secondary infections is high
and avoid stairs and long walks and etc for who knows how long
it says a lot of people have like 4 good days and then relapse b/c they don't follow recovery steps right. slowly.Also, I've never blown all my sick leave the first month of the year before.


The Franks said…
So that just really sucks (except the losing 10 pounds part). I take it you are a no for ice skating Wednesday. Seriously, let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do to help you, or jon, or your parents.

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