Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Weekly Update

Still feeling great.

Nothing like a bit of 74 degree weather to inspire joy in the midst of winter. Top down on the convertible, Bon Jovi on the XM Radio, life is good!

I don't think it is possible for me to be any more in love with my job. I am now working 2 days a work from home every week - Mondays and Fridays. Which of course means I only have to go into the office 3 days a week Tues-Thurs. I love it! I am feeling so productive and I get so much more work done when I don't have to deal with the commute. Plus I'm home in time to make a delicious dinner for my husband and straighten up the house and I can spend my lunch time relaxing in my own house, eating a homemade lunch.  I also found out today at work that I have been named the new Requirements Manager in addition to my SAS Administrator and Systems Administrator roles. New responsibilities and challenges and that is good.

WOW! I just saw a former coworker of mine - Andrea Tantaros- on the O'Reilly Factor. She's a notorious republican strategist now. Very cool. I knew her when!

We leave for Belize on Sunday. Still to do - purchase some long cool cotton or linen pants and a few extra secure digital cards to hold photos. And we need to pack of course.

Life is good people. Life is very very good.

I don't want this to be a one way communication medium. Comment or drop me an email if you're reading this and share what is new in your life.

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