Sunday, August 15, 2010

C25K: W5D3 (try#4)

When I started c25k I could not run more than three 60 second intervals.

Today I ran over a mile without a stop. For the first time in my life. Ever. Ever!

My speed during the run segments was 4.7mph-4.9mph. Not at all close to the 5.5mph I could manage when limiting myself to just 8 minute runs, but a step up from the 4.5mph run I did just on Friday during a similar time-length interval. With hard work and perseverance each future run can build on this one, increasing my run interval time slowly up to 20 minutes. I will get there!

There’s a million little criticisms I could pour over myself – my cadence has slipped back down to 80 (85-90 is optimal target for max efficiency), my total run time went down 2 minutes (because I put so much of myself into the first interval to make the mile), etc. But I’m not going to do that. I’m going to celebrate my victory. I ran a mile. 

I ran a mile.

I ran a mile!

I am running away from heart disease and diabetes and an early death. I am running toward stronger muscles and bones. I am running toward joy in honoring God for whom my body is a temple.

Here are my run stats for the session: Garmin Stats

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